If you enjoy knockout Kush hybrids with a seriously gassy body, then Nightcrawler is perfect for you. Using a male F1 Aghori (Grandoggy Purps x O.G Misty x Grape Gas) and crossing a Triangle Cheese Dog x O.G Chem from Connoisseur Genetics, the result is a heavy producing, easy to grow plant that has solid, thick branching. A pungent aroma that is gassy, earthy, musky and citrus. Nightcrawler blooms heavy and will finish flowering in 8-9 weeks with excellent results outdoors. A sturdy, tough plant that performs very well outdoors with superb resin production. She will produce greasy, thick buds that will be coated in trichomes.

Male : Aghori O.G F1 male
Female: Triangle Cheese Dog x OG Chem
Flower: 8/9 weeks
Aroma: Gas, Fuel, Pungent, Earthy, Chem
Flavour: Lemon, Sandalwood, Tropical Fruit,
Effect: Heavy legs, heavy arms, strong effect