The Harbinger

The Harbinger is a hybrid using an Aghori OG male crossed with the stud Amsterdam City Diesel F2 from Homegrown Fantaseeds. The A.C.D F2 had a shorter flowering time than other phenotypes and retained the greasy, large sized flower characteristic. She will grow a lot of side branches making The Harbinger a great candidate for plant training. The bud structure when flowering will be stacked meaning she is a large producer flowering in around 9 weeks. This lady can grow tall and when flowered will tend to stretch more than other varieties. The aroma can be described as musky, earthy, acrid and fuel, however when heavily flowering will turn into a sweeter, fragrant, sharp terpene profile. The effects of The Harbinger are both deeply relaxing and creatively focused, meaning she is ideal for social scenarios and artists and musicians.

Male: Aghori OG F1
Female: Amsterdam City Diesel F2
Flower: 9.5 weeks
Aroma: Musky, Acrid, Spicy, Fruity
Flavour: Grape, Peach, Mango, Tropical fruits
Effect: Relaxed and creative