Critical Bilbo x Sour Diesel

Avalanche CBD was created after crossing Skunk, Sour Diesel and CBD Sativa # 5. Expect true hybrid vigour with Avalanche CBD with this 1:1 ratio CBD variety. A very productive plant that will require 56-63 days to flower depending on phenotype, however the wait is well worth it as the yields can be very large. The flowers will stack oozing with trichomes and a close up smell will reveal an aggressive gas, acrid, pungent dank with a spiced aniseed, fuel body making Avalanche CBD perfect for fans of gassy complex terps. Her flavour is as intense as the aroma and when smoked has a lip licking fuel, citrus driven fuel taste on the inhale and exhale. The effects from Avalanche CBD are highly enjoyable for social and therapeutic use, as well as a great choice for beginner growers who are looking for an easy to grow strain that reacts very well to plant training during the growing phase.

Lineage: Sativa: 40% / Indica 60%
CBD/THC Ratio: 1:1
Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks
Aroma: Gas, Fuel, Pungent, Peppery, Lemon
Flavour: Gas, Fuel, Cherry, Pine, Citrus